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A woman’s life isn’t easy as far as her health is considered. There are ups and downs in her health wherein age has nothing to do with it. She has to go through operations, surgery, and delivery and lot many complicated medical procedures.

The most common type of surgery in women is hysterectomy surgery in Brisbane, wherein she has to go through an operation to get her uterus removed. The reasons for removal of the uterus can be:
1. Pain causing uterine fibroids, which lead to bleeding and other problems.
2. Uterine prolapsed, wherein the uterus slides from its original position.
3. Uterus cancer, cancer in cervix or ovarian cancer.
4. Abnormal bleeding through the vagina
5. Pelvic pain
6. Endometriosis
7. Uterus thickening

Doctors advise the surgery known as hysterectomy only after all other treatments fail to treat the problem. As far as surgery is concerned the surgeons use different methods depending on one’s experience and looking at woman’s health. The surgery can be traditional, open or done using the minimal procedure.

Open Surgery

A hysterectomy of the abdomen is called as open surgery and is the common method used to carry out procudure. In this process the uterus is removed through a 6 to 7 inch incision. Women need to stay for three or more days in the hospital after the surgery takes place. One can see a scar where the surgery is done even after healing.

MIP Process

In this type of surgery, there are different approaches used like

Vaginal process

Here the surgeon removes the uterus through vaginal tract by making an incision in the vagina and there is no scar seen.

Laparoscopic process

The surgery is carried out with the help of the laparoscope, wherein a tube along with lighted camera and other surgical tool is inserted into the belly through small cuts and the surgeon views the operation on the video screen.

There are some complications associated like bleeding through the surgical area, infection, pain and high rate of infection post vaginal process. There are some pelvic examinations that are performed before going for surgical procedure. Women who suffer from pelvic pain can opt for laparoscopy to find out the reason for pain before undergoing surgery.

For uterine bleeding women can go for biopsy of endometrial to find out if the uterus is having cancer or any traces of pre-cancer symptoms are visible. As a part of diagnosis, there are also ultra-sound procedures conducted which are computerized and can find out the exact reason for the problem. The right cause of the problem needs to be diagnosed before going in for a surgery.

If the problem is non-cancerous, then women do not have to worry as the doctors advise proper medication and consultation to overcome the cause.

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