Guide to Travelling with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition


When it comes to travelling with a medical condition that is already pre-existing there are several factors to note. Firstly if you are one of those who have a particular ailment you will find it extremely difficult to find a suitable policy. However there are ways and means in obtaining a travel policy at the lowest possible price. With companies vying for your custom there are solutions available. In addition to this, there are several factors you should take into consideration with a policy of this nature.


The majority of claims not to mention emergencies cost insurance companies on the whole. Those with pre-existing conditions will have to pay more for their policies. In this way many will provide millions in cover in order to pay for a number of different things such as;

Treatment if you are ever in hospital.

Emergency repatriation.

A wide variety of travel expenses that are linked with being abroad for a longer period of time.


It is important at all times that you disclose what type of illnesses or ailments you actually have. This is because those who are more at risk need to be covered no matter what. It means that should you have a medical condition and you don’t reveal it there will be negative connotations involved including;

Not being able to get insured in the correct manner.

Being untruthful which will inhibit a policy going through with an existing medical condition

The likelihood you will be rejected for a potential policy from your insurer if you conceal anything.


You will need to know about anything that is defined as a pre-existing medical condition so that you are covered accordingly before travelling. In essence, a pre-existing condition means you have been advised by a doctor or physician for any given treatment which may be recommended or received. If you believe you have a medical condition and you are unsure it is always beneficial to speak to someone in confidence.


It is of vital importance that you take out pre existing medical travel insurancecover so that you are fully covered in case of an emergency. This is because cost when abroad can be expensive and if you fall ill having that reassurance is crucial. Some of the benefits to obtaining this particular policy include;

Knowing you are covered in spite of your existing condition.

Finding out what exactly you are covered for in your policy.

Having peace of mind in case something takes place when you are travelling.

Being safe in the knowledge that you won’t rack up expensive medical costs abroad.

Medical screening

The first thing that you need to do before applying for any given policy is to make sure you have all the answers to any medical questions that may be asked. On the other hand, when you do your search some companies may request certain information of details of your existing condition. Therefore you might need to send across personal information about your condition and any outstanding health issues. This will cover not only mental but physical conditions too.

Be honest

At the end of the day, honest is the best policy. It is also important that you reveal any outstanding conditions that you have to your insurer. If you don’t there may be certain consequences such as;

Having a potential claim rejected.

Leaving you out of pocket and having to pay for medical costs.

Being stuck with no short term solution or having to rely on friends and family to cover you.


As far as the locality is concerned this could have a major impact on the cover especially if you have an existing medical condition. Certain locations may be affected on where you travel and the effect it could have on your policy. It is important to check before you go abroad as some countries charge exorbitant rates for medical cover including the Caribbean, Canada and the United States.

Although it can be a cause for concern, doing your research is key. As you can see there are many factors to take into account when looking into getting insured with a condition. By following some of these tips, you can ensure your trip goes without a hitch.

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