Understanding a Chemical Pregnancy


You take that pregnancy test before your period is due and you got a light, but still a positive result. If you have been trying for a long time, this could be a wonderful event! Or if you are not trying it could be a wonderful or unwelcome surprise. Whatever the circumstance finding out you miscarried is a hard thing to deal with.

How common are they?

It’s sad but many pregnancies end in a miscarriage, only difference is that majority of those women don’t even know they are pregnant. Pregnancy tests these days have become so sensitive that you can test up to three days before your missed period, right about the time you would get a faint positive on a pregnancy test if you had a chemical pregnancy. Although they are fairly common, it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with the loss. Please visit https://købeviagra.com/levitra.html for the best practices and tips how to deal with that.


It’s hard to determine what causes a chemical pregnancy. Few of the most common reasons for them are a chromosome abnormality where the baby is unable to form properly, Uterine abnormalities, where the uterus is abnormal and interferes with implantation and a hormonal deficiency in the woman making it impossible to maintain a pregnancy. You will find


Any of the symptoms of a chemical pregnancy can also be symptoms of a normal healthy pregnancy. It can be very hard to diagnosis a chemical pregnancy, many women don’t even know they have had one and figure their period just came later than normal. Majority of the time the only sign of a chemical pregnancy is the rising HCG levels you get done by blood test. Many doctors will not even do an ultrasound because the pregnancy will be terminated too early for any sign of a pregnancy to be present in the womb.


Because a chemical pregnancy is miscarried so early on, majority of the time the doctor will test your levels a few more times for a week or so to insure that they drop off into a normal range and then also will send you home to handle the miscarriage in a way you feel comfortable. There will be no need for interfering; your body can handle it. You may notice a lot of cramping and some clotting, which is normal. If it does last more than ten days you need to see your OBGYN for a follow-up. A healthy diet and plenty of vitamins after a chemical pregnancy is recommended to help your body heal.

Future Pregnancies

Many of the women who have a chemical pregnancy go on to have a healthy pregnancy in the future. But if you do have multiple chemical pregnancies it can be caused by an underlying problem that you will need to see your doctor for.

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